Twin Tesla Paper

Paper of Frits Buesink about a replica of the large twin-Tesla generator, designed and built by the late Prof. Damstra. It shows the generation of lightning strikes and has been built as project of the Historic Study Collection.

Duijvestijn's Perfect Squares Info

Informative text by Dr. Gerrit van der Hoeven on the minimal perfect squares discovered by prof. Adri Duijvestijn in 1978, explaining the works of art in the hallway on the 3rd floor of the building Zilverling.

The ISFET invention by Dr. Piet Bergveld

The ISFET - invented by Piet Bergveld - is in fact the first chip-based chemical sensor. It forms the origin of the chair BIOS, Lab-on-a-chip group.
In this document Piet Bergveld describes the background and historic development.

CSV informatie

History of metrology

Metrological units and standards: from past to modern; tracebility.

A Trip through History

Article about the Historic Study Collection in periodical De Vonk published by E.T.S.V. Scintilla, Edition 37-2, May 2019

Computer collection

Historic overview of computers in the collection described by Hans Albers around 2007

Historie van de diode

Presentatie prof. Hans Wallinga 2005

Grondleggers van de Elektrotechniek

Overzicht historische personen samengesteld door Dr. Hans Albers

Geschiedenis van de telecommunicatie - deel1

Presentatie van Prof. Wim van Etten over de historische ontwikkeling van de telegraaf als telecommunicatiemiddel

Geschiedenis van de telecommunicatie - deel2

Vervolg over de historische ontwikkeling van de telefoon