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Canon Inktjet Printer Pixma iP90 [iP90] [Canon]

without power adapter

Citizen 120D+ matrixprinter [120D+] [Citizen Manufactoring]

in metalen koffer van cursus instituut Scheidegger

Commodore 1520 printer plotter [VIC 1520] [Commodore]

Commodore CBM 3022 Printer [Commodore]

CBM 3001 series serienr.J-111511

Commodore MPS 801 Matrix Printer [MPS 801] [Commodore]

Commodore Tractor Printer [3022 Series] [Commodore]

Als spare-unit beschikbaar voor reparatie van de Tractor Printer [09-09-09-08] in de collectie.

Commodore Tractor Printer [Commodore]

Computer Monitor [ZVM-121-EZ] [Zenith Datasystems]

Serienr.4455229 Manufactured March 1983

Digital printer [Systron-Donner]

serienr. 320

Digital Videoterminal VA120 [1] [VA120] [Teco Electric & Machinery Co.]

Digital Videoterminal VA120 [2] [VA120] [Teco Electric & Machinery Co.]

afkomstig van vakgroep SETI systeem H319 zonder toetsenbord

Digital VT100 [VT100-AA] [Digital Equipment Corporation]

with keyboard Z01465300H

Epson Matrix printer LQ-300-II [LQ-300-II] [Epson]

Franklin Rocket eBook Reader [EB-500] [NuvoMedia Inc]

Early commercial handheld e-reader with LCD screen and interface docking station

HP 7475A Pen-plotter A3 [7475A] [Hewlett Packard]

serienr.2325A 25855

HP 9862A Flatbed Plotter [9862A] [Hewlett Packard]

16 bit input/output, interface for HP9825 calculator is missing (model 98032A)

HP DeskJet Ink printer 930C [Deskjet 930C] [Hewlett Packard]

HP External Printer Server Jetdirect EX Plus3 [Jetdirect EX Plus3] [Hewlett Packard]

Microline 80 Naaldprinter [Microline 80] [OKI Electronic Industry Corp. LTD.]

Februari 1982 serienr. 125787

Nec Dot Matrix Printer PC-8023B-C [PC-8023B-C] [NEC] [Toon handleiding data]

NEC Pinwriter P2200 [PCW 8256] [NEC]

Pen-plotter A4 [7470A] [Hewlett Packard]

RS232-C controlled

Philips Color TV 14CT2006 [14CT2006] [Philips]

bij Atari home computer, aankoopbon abbink elektra Hengelo

Philips LCD Monochrome monitor PM11211 [PM11211] [Philips]

Plasma Display 256x256 Thomson-CSF [TH 7606] [Thomson - CSF]

The plasma panel with a matrix of 256 x 256 electrodes can display a large number of characters or elaborate graphics. The panel consists of two identical glass plates enclosing a cavity filled with gas at low pressure.

Plotter Minigor type RE501, Goerz electro [RE 501] [Goerz Electro GmbH]

Portable Electronic Printer [EP-44] [Brother Industries]

Ricoh RP 1600 ICL line printer [Ricoh Company Ltd]

Rotring NC Plotscriber 21 [Plotscriber 21] [Rotring]

with control unit NC-ad2122 to interface with a PC (by RS232)

Schneider PCW 8256 Matric Printer [PCW 8256] [Armstrad]

Sony Hit Bit Plotter Printer PRN-C41 [PRN-C41] [Sony]

Star LC10 Matrix Printer [LC10] [Star Micronics]

Star SG10 Printer [SG-10] [Star Micronics]