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7633 Oscilloscope [7633] [Tektronix]

With plug-in units: 7A18 Dual trace amplifier 7A26 Dual trace amplifier 7B53A Dual time base Additional plug-ins in cart: 7B71 Delaying Time Base 5B12N Dual time base 5A26 Dual Differential Amplifier 7D15 Counter Timer

AC Cossor Oscilloscope [1035] [AC Cossor LTD London]

with circuit diagram

Active Probe [GM 4603] [Philips]

attenuation 1:1; max. 20 V (AC peak + DC) impedance 0.5 MOhm // 5 pF

Digital Oscilloscope PM 3310 [PM 3310] [Philips]

Dual trace Bandwidth 60 MHz Input imp. 1 MOhm//25 pF

Hameg 30 Mhz Oscilloscope [HM 303] [Hameg]

Hi Z probe [PM 9340] [Philips]

HP Oscilloscope 1201B [1201B] [Hewlett Packard]

Dual trace max. sensitivity 0.1 mV/div. bandwidth 500 kHz

HP Oscilloscope 120B [120 B] [Hewlett Packard]

Narrow Beam Tube [06959.00] [Phywe]

Oscillograph Camera [1428] [Cossor Instruments ]

Assembly: - indicator for oscillograph camera - camera drive unit model 1431 - camera hood model 1457 - motor [Batwin Electric Motors]

Oscilloscope [OS-2] [Heathkit]

Oscilloscope Camera [C-12] [Tektronix] [Toon handleiding data]

in black suitcase

Oscilloscope Camera [197A] [Hewlett Packard]

Temporary location V4

Oscilloscope Camera [197B] [Hewlett Packard]

Oscilloscope Camera [Tektronix] [Toon handleiding data]

Temporary location V30

Oscilloscope DC-2,2 Mhz [OP-1] [Heathkit]

Oscilloscope HP 182A [182A] [Hewlett Packard]

Dual trace 0.05 micros/div. 5 mV/div.

Oscilloscope PM 3220 [PM 3220] [Philips]

Bandwidth 10 MHz max. sensitivity 2 mV/div.

Oscilloscope PM3200 [PM 3200 X/12] [Philips]

Bandwidth 10 MHz max. sensitivity 2 mV/div.

Philips Oscilloscope GM 3155 [GM 3155] [Philips]

Donated by J. van Roeden

Philips Oscilloscope GM 5650 [GM 5650] [Philips]

Philips Oscilloscope GM 5650 [GM 5650] [Philips]

Philips Oscilloscope PM 3208 [PM 3208] [Philips]

0-20 MHz

Philips Oscilloscope PM 3211 [PM 3211] [Philips]

0-15 MHz

Philips Oscilloscope PM 3217 [PM 3217] [Philips]

Dual trace Bandwidth 50 MHz Rise time 7 ns max. sens. 2 mV/div.

Prakticum oscilloscope [6952] [Phywe]

Met buis E/M 4L 90mm, Telefunken

Sampling Oscilloscope PM 3400 [PM 3400/06] [Philips]

Dual trace Rise time 200 ps; 1 ns/cm max. sensitivity 1 mV/cm, max. input 5 V Input imp. 50 Ohm

Tektronix 422 Oscilloscope [422] [Tektronix]

€ 90

Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope [7603] [Tektronix]

Geschonken door Pierre Jansen 2014

Tektronix Communications Signal Analyzer [CSA 803] [Tektronix]

Tektronix Oscilloscope 561A [561A] [Tektronix]

With modules 3A6 Dual trace amplifier, 3B4 Time base.

Tektronix Storage Oscilloscope 564 [564] [Tektronix]

Storage oscilloscope; with plug-in units: 3A3 Dual trace amplifier 2B67 Time base

Tektronix Time Base [3B4] [Tektronix]

Time base range 0.05 micros/div to 5 s/div.

Time Domain Reflecto Meter [1415A] [Hewlett Packard]

"The birth of the Time Domain Reflectometry at HP came with the 1415A drawer in the 140A mainframe, introduced in the September 1963 of the Hewlett Packard Journal. Details see: http://hpmemoryproject.org/wb_pages/wall_b_page_02.htm