Digitale analysatoren

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Correlation & Probabilityanalyzer [Honeywell, Saicor]

Digital Frequency Analyzer [Type 2131] [Bruel & Kjaer]

Digital Logic Probe [DLP - 50] [Sansei]

HP Bus System Analyzer 59401A [59401A] [Hewlett Packard]

HP Digitizing Oscilloscope 54504A [54504A ] [Hewlett Packard]

Dual input 400 MHz / 200 Msamples/s

Time Code Generator Search Unit [8154] [Systron-Donner] [Toon handleiding data]

Functionality: Time Code Generator/Reader/Tape Search and Control Unit. (1) for use in time-indexing during data acquisition; (2) decodes incoming modulated code during data playback; (3) operates as a fully automatic tape search system.