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Differential Transmitter, Torque Synchro [23TDX6] [Ketay Manufacturing Corp]

In original packing (metal can, closed.

Displacement Sensors [B20] [Automation Industries B.V.]

Two linear displacement sensors (LVDT) mounted in parallel, for educational purposes. No readout electronics. In wooden box.

Electrical Scale Mettler P2010 [P2010] [Mettler]

Ionivac IM 210 Druckmesser [Ionivac] [Leybold]

Automatic high vacuum gauge suitable for process control. An electron current emitted by a hot cathode and kept at a precisely constant value ionizes the gas particles in the volume of measurement. The resulting positive ions are collected on an ion colle

Mettler H3 Precision Scale [H3/12] [Mettler]

Mettler P163 Electrical Scale [Mettler]

Mettler P163 elektrische weegschaal [Mettler]

3   Pitot tube

A pitot tube is a flow measurement device used to measure fluid flow velocity. It was invented by the French engineer Henri Pitot in the 18th century. It is widely used to determine the airspeed of an aircraft. The flow velocity can be calculated from the static pressure and the stagnation pressure, using Bernoulli's equation.

Sebastian Adherence Tester [Sebastian I] [Quad Group]

Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other substrates, in kg(f)/square cm.

Signal Condition Unit (gravity) [Endevco Santa Anna]

Read-out unit for acceleration sensor. Adjustable sensitivity and offset; Range 0 - 20 g.

Strain Gauge Meter [PR 9860] [Philips]

Bar with various strain gauges and read-out unit. Designed for educational purposes.

Straingauge 4-channel switch box [4 UD] [Peekel N.V. Rotterdam]

Torque sensor DG 1-3 [DG 1-3] [IES-Teldix]

torque sensor range max. 1000 cmp

Torsiograph nach Dr.-Ing Jos. Geiger [R.S.L. V-31] [Firma Lehmann & Michels Hamburg]

Transducer/strainindicator [CA 300] [Automation Industries B.V.]

Range 300 - 30,000 microstrain Connections for 4 strain gauges.