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Autophase TE 9700 [TE 9700] [Tekelec Airtronic]

input range 1 microV - 10 mV x 1 .... 1000 adjustable input filters HP, LP adjustable integration time 3 ms - 30 s

Counter 1 Mhz [9908-03] [Van der Heem]

Counter HP 5243L [5243L] [Hewlett Packard]

with plugin unit 5251A

Counter HP 5321B [5321B] [Hewlett Packard]

Counter PM 6607 [PM 6607] [Philips]

frequency range 1 kHz - 60 MHz Input impedance 1 MOhm / 50 Ohm

Counter Systron Donner 7014 [7014] [Systron-Donner]

Frequency range 100 kHz Period range x1 to x100,000

Digital Frequency Meter [SA 520] [Racal Instruments Ltd.]

Frequency range 10 Hz - 300 kHz Input impedance 100 kOhm // 50 pF Input max. 90 V sine wave

Digital Marker HP 8600A [8600A] [Hewlett Packard]

To be used with sweep generator HP 8601A, 100 kHz - 110 MHz

Frequency Convertor HP 5251A [5251A] [Hewlett Packard]

plugin unit for 5243L

Frequency Convertor HP 5253A [5253A] [Hewlett Packard]

Plugin unit for 5246L

Frequency deviation meter type FMV [Rohde & Schwarz] [Toon handleiding data]

20 MHz - 300 MHz freq. difference 0 - 100 kHz monitored freq. dev. in Hz and %

Frequency Divider TCD40 [TCD40] [Advance Instruments]

input freq. range 1 MHz - 40 MHz Division range 0.01 to 1 Input max. 10 V

Frequency Indicator [FKM] [Rohde & Schwarz]

Frequency Meter [Nieaf]

panel meter Range 45-55 Hz

Frequency meter and discriminator type 1142-A [1142-A] [General Radio Company]

frequency range up to 1.5 MHz

Frequentiemeter [51842]

Paneelmeter met trillende balkjes 8-12 Hz, 48 V

High resolution timer/counter, Philips PM 6670 [PM 6670] [Philips]

Frequency range 120 MHz Input max. 260 V

Phase meter [6500] [Krohn-Hite corporation]

two inputs: range 0.1 to 120 V (RMS) sine or square wave

Phase meter Krone-Hite model 6400 [6400] [Krohn-Hite corporation]

In bruikleen bij Albeda College Schiedam (onder beheer van Bas Nooijen)

Scaler Philips PW 4231 [PW 4231] [Philips]

Timer/counter Philips PM 6622 [Philips]

Frequency range 80 MHz Input max. 220 V

Times Ten Frequency Multiplier [XVD] [Rohde & Schwarz]

Unilab Counter [092.681] [Unilab]

Universal Counter HP 5246L [5246L] [Hewlett Packard]

with plugin unit 5253A

Universal counter HP 5302A [5302A] [Hewlett Packard]

frequency range 50 MHz two inputs (10 MHz and 50 MHz)

Universal counter HP 5316A [5316A] [Hewlett Packard]

max 100 MHz

Universal counter HP 5328A [HP5328A] [Hewlett Packard]

3 input channels channel C: 90 MHz - 1.3 GHz

Urenteller [Heemaf]

panel meter 6 digits, max. 99,999.9 dimension 7 x 7 cm

Vibration meter type 1553-AK [1553-AK] [General Radio Company]