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Aantal items: 30

0   Commodore 1530 Datassette Unit C2N [C2N-A] [Commodore]

geschonken door Hans ter Haar, Hengelo, in originele doos met aankoopbon 30-12-1986

Commodore CBM 3040 Dual Floppydrive [Commodore]

Commodore CBM 4040 Dual Floppydrive [Commodore]

14   Commodore Data cassette recorder C2N [Commodore]

Commodore Data cassette recorder C2N black [Commodore]

Computer Projection Panel [QA-75] [Sharp]

DAQ_Card 1200 National Instruments [DAQ-1200] [National Instruments]

Multifunction I/O Card for the PCMCIA Bus. Additional object: DAQCard/DAQPad 1200 flat-cable monitor box

EPROM Programming Card for IBM-PC [IBM] [Toon handleiding data]

with Sunshine mounting box [4 sockets of 24 pin]

Facit 4070 PaperTape Punch [4070] [Facit]

Facit Tape puncher [0001] [Facit]

Facit Tape reader [Facit]


Flexible Disc Drive [82901M] [Hewlett Packard]

Gemalto Gem PC Twin Chip Card Reader [GemPC Twin] [Gemalto]

Addition: USB cable

GNT Ponsbandlezer [Model 24] [GNT Automatic A/S]

Made in Denmark serienr.151429 testdatum 16-05-1972

HP Digital Clock 59309A [59309A HP-IB] [Hewlett Packard]

HP Scanjet 3970 [Scanjet 3970.] [Hewlett Packard]

HP SketchPro Graphics Tablet [SketchPro] [Hewlett Packard]

Intel MDS In Circuit Emulator [85 B] [Intel]

Subsystem of the Intel MDS 226 Microcomputer Development System

Intel Universal Prom Programmer [UPP 103] [Intel]

Subsystem of the Intel MDS 226 Microcomputer Development System

0   Magnetic Tape Unit [TMR] [Ampex]

MicroTouch Plasma Terminal Planar EK IV [EK IV] [Datamedia Corporation / Dow Jones Telerate]

Philips Automatic Data Recorder D6450 [D6450] [Philips]

Part of Mitsubishi Melsec PLC development configuration, with data cassette containing C-15 tapes containing PLC-program-software

Sony Video Control Unit VCU-100 [VCU-100] [Sony]

Tape reader [NLL-V-A80] [Creed]

Teleprint 390 [390] [Teleprint GmbH]

Teleprint GMBH Germany serienr.605574

Teleprint Videoterminal VT5730C [VT5730C] [Teleprint Benelux ]

Teletype 33 TRP [33 TRP] [Teletype Corporation]

Teletype 43 [43] [Teletype Corporation]

TI ComputerTerminal DS990 [DS990] [Texas Instruments]

geleverd door Texas Instruments Holland BV 1982 aan de TH Eindhoven

Velotype [VT 1010] [Special Systems Industry B.V.]

Serienr. 60417