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25 Pin Data Transfer Switch (5 port printer switch) [Generic]

4-Channel IEEE 488/Serial Converter [488/4] [IO Tech]

Controls upto four RS-232 or RS-424 devices from one IEEE 488 controller Each serial port is individually programmable for baud rate, word length, etc. Built-in 64K data buffer dynamically allocates data storage.

Acer Docking Station [ezDock II] [Acer]

additional units: Acer ezDock EZ4 Laptop Port Replicator and Easy Port III replicator

Adderview matrix 2 user 8 port computer switch [AVM208] [Adder Technology Ltd]

Allen-Bradley PLC-5 rack [PLC-5] [Allen Bradley]

Computer Data Transfer Switch (2-ports) [SPC19772] [Multicomp]

Female connectors with gold-plated contacts. Bought in 1999 Fl. 55,50.

Data I/O 60A logic programmer with 360A-002 [60-A] [Data I/O]

0   DEC10 Memory Bus Terminator H866 [H866] [Digital Equipment Corporation]

100 Ohm

Digital I/O converter [IO Tech]

met zelfbouw aansluitkast

0   GE Amersham Akta FPLC Air-900 aircell uninet control module unit [Air-900 Uninet] [General Electric Amersham]

HP 11202A TTL I/O Interface [11202A] [Hewlett Packard]

TTL I/O interface card for 98X0 computers.

HP 4952A Protocol Analyser [4952A] [Hewlett Packard]

with HP 18179A Interface RS-232C/V.24

HP Advanced Docking Station [PA287A ] [Hewlett Packard]

Inficon XTC Thin Film Thickness and Rate Monitor [XTC] [Inficon Leybold-Heraeus]

IOtech ADC488/8S A/D Converter [ADC488/8S] [IO Tech] [Toon handleiding data]

Analog-to-digital converter for the IEEE 488 bus that can scan and sample analog signals at rates up to 100 kHz with 16 bit resolution. Software 447

IOtech DAC488/4S D/A Converter [DAC488/4S] [IO Tech] [Toon handleiding data]

Digital-to-analog converter for the IEEE 488 bus. Software no 447

IOtech DAC488HR/2 D/A Converter [DAC488HR/2] [IO Tech]

Digital-to-analog converter for the IEEE 488 bus: 2 port version.

JC Systems IEEE-488 to V24 Converter [JC Systems]

Klöckner Moeller16 kanaals PLC [PS3-DC] [Klöckner Moeller]

Met display unit SIM2-PS3 en programmeer unit PRG 3S

LPC2104 Color LCD Game board [LPC2104] [Embedded Artists AB Malmö] [Toon handleiding data]

Philips BGB203 microcontroller with USB port and bluetooth,

Master View CPU Switch [CS-106] [Aten International Co.]

Met kabels voor 3 systemen

Melsec F2-20H PLC E-PROM Program Loader [F2-20H-DE] [Mishubishi Electric] [Toon handleiding data]

with PLC cable connecting to the PC- connector, connectors on top for mounting the Program Panel and EPROM units, and connectors for a data recorder (CMT) and printer

Melsec F2-20P PLC Programming Panel [F2-20P-E] [Mishubishi Electric] [Toon handleiding data]

Fits on top of different Melsec F[2]PLC types, as well as on different Melsec F[2] Program Loaders for writing EPROMs

Melsec F2-40M PLC (Programmable Logic Controler) [F2-40M-ES] [Mishubishi Electric] [Toon handleiding data]

Simulator switch-units F2-40-SU and F2-40-SO are mounted on top of it. A second defect PLC-unit (F2-40M ser. no. 541388) is also saved.

Memory Devices MDA 1685 [MDA 1685] [Memory Devices]

Oriel Encoder Mike Controller 18011 [18011] [Oriel Corporation]

Philips P8 Compact Line PLC [Philips]

Modules: MMS102, IMG116, AIH110, GMM116, ADH110

Radio Shack TRS-80 Disk/Video Interface [Tandy]

ST62 Family microcontroller Starter Kit [ST620x, ST621x, ST622x] [SGS-Thomson Microelectronics]

Starview 4 Port Sharing Switch [SV411K] [Starview]

Met kabels voor 4 systemen

THT INF 25-pins interface tester [THT Informatica]

2 male / 2 female connectors

THT INF 25-pins interface tester [THT Informatica]

2 female / 2 male connectors

THT Micro Trainer [THT Informatica]

TP-Link TL401 Parallel Auto Switch [TL401] [TP-Link]

4 ComputerPorts Plus Printer

Video PCI Card DV/AV twins [VideoHome]

In original box with VideoStudio 5.0 software to create DVD quality home videos