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Acer Notebook Light [AN 350PC] [Acer]

Addition: In laptop case suit with accessoires: Freecom Parallel CD, adapter, mouse, fax modem pcmcia-cards and cables.

Advance Notebook SKD-4000 [SKD-4000] [Dual Technology Corporation]

ASUS L3000D notebook PC [L3000D] [ASUS TeK Computer Inc]

with ASUS Wireless PC Card WL-100GE

0   Celem Portable computer [Celem]

Met LCD scherm serienr. 06643
Specs: [cpu] Intel 80386 SX 32-bit (notebook)

Compaq Armada 1750 Notebook PC [1750] [Compaq]

Pentium II 366 Mhz

Compaq Armada Notebook 1120 [Armada 1120] [Compaq]

Compaq Contura Notebook 3/25 [Contura 3/25] [Compaq]

spare specimen available in bag

Compaq Notebook computer [LTE 5250] [Compaq]

Met dokking station

Compaq Notebook computer LTE 286 [LTE 286] [Compaq]

Met accu oplader en power unit

Dell laptop docking station 3d model [3d] [Dell]

0   Escom Paradigma Notebook computer [Paradigma] [Escom]

Specs: [cpu] Intel 80486 DX 32-bit (notebook)
[intmem] RAM: 20MB
[extmem] Hardeschijf: 340MB
[performance] 66 Mhz

Fujitsu Lifebook 735Dx [735Dx] [Fujitsu ICL Computers]

Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 Tablet PC [3500] [Fujitsu Ltd]

with 16V power-up docking station

GEA NB-900 Notebook Computer [NB 900] [Geatec bv]

HP laptop pavilion ze4900 [Pavilion ze4900] [Hewlett Packard]

0   IBM PS/2 Notebook computer [8533-H15] [IBM]

serienr.99-CA 306 met losse floppydrive
Specs: [cpu] Intel 80386 SX 32-bit (notebook)
[intmem] RAM: 2MB / ROM: 64KB
[extmem] Diskette: 3,5inch 1,44MB
Hardeschijf: 40MB
[userinterface] Schrijfmachine 85 toetsen met pijltjes toetsen
12 functie toetsen
[os] IBM PC DOS 5.0
[performance] 12 Mhz<

IBM Thinkpad [Thinkpad] [IBM]

met adapter

IBM Thinkpad Laptop T23 [Thinkpad T23] [IBM]

Pentium III

IBM Thinkpad Laptop T41 [Thinkpad T41] [IBM]

Pentium M with Windows XP
Remark: One of the last models in the Thinkpad series produced in 2005 by IBM itself. The production of the following T-series of Thinkpads is taken over by Lenova.

Intel NUC Mini-PC [DE3815TYKE] [Intel]

Remark: Experimental system installed by Henk van Wolferen with Android based on Linux

Kaypro 2 Portable PC [Kaypro Corporation Cal.]

NEC Multispeed EL Microcomputer [Multispeed EL] [NEC]

Notebook computer [NBE] [ShiTec]

Met power unit

0   Osborne Portable 8-bit Computer [Osborne Computer Corporation]

Specs: [cpu] Zilog Z80A 8-bit
[intmem] RAM: 64KB / ROM: 4KB
[extmem] 2x FDD á 180KB extern
[userinterface] Schrijfmachine 69 toetsen QWERTY
Losse numpad
[os] CP/M 2.2
[performance] 4 Mhz
[display] Tekstmodus:
52 x 24
5 inch

Packard Bell EasyNote MIT-LYN02 Laptop [MIT-LYN02] [Packard Bell]

Laptop has retro-styled look.

Philips P2000C Portable Computer [P2000C] [Philips]

Worlds First Portable Computer, Z80 based, Operating System CP/M

Sharp PC-7000 [PC-7000] [Sharp Corporation]

Sony Vaio Notebook Computer [PCG-9326] [Sony]

Tandy 200 Portable Computer [200] [Tandy]

Toshiba T1000LE laptop [T1000LE] [Toshiba]

Toshiba T1000LE laptop [Scheidegger] [T1000LE] [Toshiba]

MS-Dos 3.30 met printerkabel in metalen koffer van cursus instituut Scheidegger

Toshiba T4400C Laptop [T4400C] [Toshiba]

Toshiba Libretto 70CT Portable PC [1] [70CT] [Toshiba]

1.6GB, MMX 16MB, Windows 95 Accessoires:mini port replicator, floppy drive kit with PC-card

Toshiba Libretto 70CT Portable PC [2] [70CT] [Toshiba]

1.6GB, MMX 16MB, Windows 95 Accessoires:underside with minicard connector, floppy drive kit with PC-card

Toshiba Notebook T2400CT [PA1145E YX] [Toshiba]

met adapter

Toshiba Satellite 110CS/810 [110CS/810] [Toshiba]

Toshiba Satellite A60-142 Laptop [A60-142] [Toshiba]

Intel CeleronD 335 processor 2,8 Mhz