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0   ABIT BH6 Motherboard [BH6] [Abit]

Slot 1 AGP ATX MAINBOARD Chipset Intel 440BX 1 x 32 bit AGP slot 5 x 32 bit Bus Mastering PCI slots 2 x 16 bit ISA slots (One shareable PCI/ISA slot) 3 x 168 pin DIMM memory slots Supports 8/16/32/64/128/256MB 168 pin modules 1 FDD port (supports L

0   Ampex board [Ampex]

Assembly no 325544801 serial no 094

0   Asus Desktop Board P5KPL/1600 [Asus]

0   ASUS P2L97 Pentium II Motherboard [P2L97] [Asus]

Specs: [cpu] Intel Pentium II 233 MHz CPU
[display] Microarchitecture: P6 Core Name: Klamath Manufacturing Process: 0.35 micron Socket Type: Slot 1
[cache] L1 Cache: 16 KB (code) 16 KB (data) L2 Cache: 512KB
[bus] 66 MHz

0   Foxconn LS-36 motherboard [LS-36] [Dell]

Used in the Dell Dimensions OptiPlex GX270 small mini-tower desktop computer

0   Genesis wire-wrap board [Genesis One Products Corporation]

Part No. LLP 4311 Serial No 612002

0   Gigabyte High-performance Platform [GA-MA790GP-DS4H] [Gigabyte]

Supports new generation of AMD Phenom™ II X6 processors Supports AMD Phenom™/ Athlon™ series processors Dual Channel DDR2 1066 for remarkable system performance Built-in 128MB DDR3 1333MHz SidePort Memory Integrated ATI Radeon HD3300 graphics

15   Hyundai PC-XT [Hyundai]

Max onboard DRAM memory 640 KB 62 pin Foxconnector ESO 3106

0   Intel Desktop Board D845BG [Intel]

Specs: [cpu] Intel pentium 4 [intmem] 2 Gigabyte [bus] PCI, AGP

0   Intel Desktop Board D865PERL [Intel]

Specs: [cpu] Celeron, Pentium 4
[intmem] 4 Gigabyte
[bus] PCI

0   Intel Desktop Board MS-7204 [MSI]

Specs: [cpu] Intel pentium 4
[intmem] 4 Gigabyte
[bus] PCI 4x, IDE 1x, SATA 4x, FDD 1x

16   Intel Power Edge Server Card - Pentium II [Intel]

With two 1 Mb SRAM caches

0   Ithaco 3981B PC Lock-in Amplifier plug-in card [3981B] [Ithaco Inc.]

PCI Bus 386/486

0   Motherboard ASUS A8N-SLI rev. 2.01 [ASUS]

Specs: [cpu] Athlon 64
[intmem] 4 Gigabyte
[bus] PCI 4x, SATA 4x

0   Motherboard GA-81945GMF [Gigabyte]

Specs: [cpu] Intel pentium 4
[intmem] 4 Gigabyte
[bus] PCI 4x, Serial ATA II 4x, UDMA ATA 1x, FDD 1x, IEEE 2x

0   Motherboard UM8810P-AIO rev. 2.0 [EliteGroup Computer Systems]

Specs: [cpu] AMD Am486
[intmem] 64 Mb
[bus] ISA 4x, PCI 3x, IDE 2x, FDD

0   MSI Motherboard MS 7379 [MSI]

Specs: [intmem] 2 Gb
[bus] PCI, SATA

0   Sirex PC Motherboard [Sirex Enschede]

From desktop-PC A.L. Schoute