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Microwave amplification and oscillation by stimulated emission [Gordon Troup] [London Methuen & Co LTD] [1959]

Microwave transmission [J.C. Slater] [Dover Publications, Inc., New York] [1959]

This new Dover edition first published in 1959 is an unabridged republication of the first edition with minor typographical corrections,

The Theory of Sound Volume I [J.W.S. Rayleigh] [Dover Publications New York] [1945]

The Theory of Sound volume II [J.W.S. Rayleigh] [Dover Publications New York] [1945]

Ultra- and Extreme- Short Wave Reception [M.J.O. Strutt-Philips Eindhoven] [D. van Nostrand Company] [1947]

Waves and oscillations [R.A. Waldron] [D. van Nostrand Company, Inc.] [1964]