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A Dissection and Tissue Culture Manual of the Nervous System [Abraham Shahar, Jean de Vellis, Antonia Vernadakis, Bernard Haber (editors)] [John Wiley and Sons, Inc.] [1989]

Artificial organs [J.D. Andrade] [VCH Publishers, Inc.] [1987]

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Artificial Organs, Biomedical Engineering, and Transplantations in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Willem J. Kolff

Biocompatibility of implant materials [Dr David Williams] [Sector Publishing Limited London] [1976]

Biolectrical Repair and Growth [E, Fukada, etc. (editors)] [Nishimura] [1985]

Chemical Abstracts. Index Guide 1989 [Chemical abstracts service] [1989]

-Index Guide 1989 A-M (Part 1 of 2 Parts). -Index Guide 1989 N-Z (Part 2 of 2 Parts). Key to the world's chemical literature. A publication of the chemical abstracts service published wwekly by The American Chemical Society.

Chemistry and Physics Handbook 82th Edition [David R. Lide, Ph.D.] [CRC Press Inc.] [2001]

Correlative neuroanatomy & functional neurology [J.G. Chusid] [Lange Medical Publications] [1976]

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics [Charles D, Hodgman,Robert C. Weast,Clarence W. Wal] [Chemical Rubber Publishing] [1953]

Logarithmische Rechentafeln fur Chemiker [F.W. Kuster] [Verlag von Veit & Comp.] [1914]

Mathematical biophysics. Physico-mathematical foundations of biology [N. Rashevsky] [Dover Publications Inc. New York] [1960]

Microwereld [A. Middelhoek] [W.J. Thieme & Cie] [1944]

Molecular design of electrode surfaces [Royce W. Murray (editor)] [John Wiley & Sons, Inc.] [1992]

Techniques of chemistry. Volume XXII

Physikalische Demonstrationen [Adolf F. Weinhold] [Verlagsbuchhandlung von Quandt & H] [1905]

Physikalisches Praktikum [Eilhard WiedemanHermann Ebert] [Druck und verlag von Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn] [1899]


Review of Medical Physiology [William F. Ganong] [Prentice-Hall International, Inc.] [1995]

International Edition

Schnellanalysenmethoden [Prof. Dr.-Ing Robert Weiner] [Eugen G. Leuze Verlag] [1960]

The Arfiicial Cardiac Pacemaker. Its history, development and clinical application [Hilbert Jan Thomas Thalen] [Van Gorcum & Comp. N.V. ] [0]

Proefschrift Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Met stellingen.

Tissue culture of the nervous system [Gordon Sato] [Plenum Press . New York and London] [1973]

Current topics in neurobiology. Volume 1: Tissue culture of the nervous system. 1973. Edited by Gordon Sato