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6502 assembly language programming [Lance A. Leventhal] [OSBORNE/McGraw-Hill] [1979]

A guide to Fortran programming [Daniel D. McCracken] [John Wiley & Sons, Inc.] [1967]

A Practical Guide to Linux [Mark G.Sobell] [Addison-Wesley ] [1997]

An introduction to Algol programming [R. Wooldridge, M.C., B.Sc. / J.F. Ractliffe, M.Sc.] [The English Universities Press LTD] [1963]

An introduction to computer languages [H.S. Heaps] [Prentic Hall, Inc. / Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey] [1972]

Basic een Programmeertaal [R. Davids] [Stam Technische Boeken] [1981]


Basiscursus Turbo C++ [Leen Ammeraal] [Academic Service] [1991]

NUGI 856

C++ Program Design. An Introduction to Programming and Object-Oriented Design [James P. Cohoon, Jack W. Davidson] [WCB/McGraw-Hill] [1999]

De programmeertaal C [Ir. L. Ammeraal] [Academic Service] [1984]

De taal C / van PSD tot C-programma [Daryl McAllister] [CPD] [1994]

Het complete handboek Microsoft Visual Basic 6 [Brian Siler, Jeff Spotts] [Academic Service] [1999]


Inleiding in de systeemprogrammatuur [Prof. dr. ir. A.J.W. Duijvestijn / Drs. H. Alblas] [Kluwer Deventer] [1975]

Three parts

Inleiding tot Turbo Pascal [Douglas S. Stivison] [Sybex] [1987]

Introducing Visual C++ [Microsoft Corporation] [1994]

Microsoft Visual C++ Development System for Windows and Widons NT. Version 2.0

Introduction to programming [Digital Equipment Corporation] [1973]

Prepared by small systems software documentation group digital equipment corporation. pdp-8 handbook series

Pascal A Problem Solving Approach [Elliot B. Koffman-Temple University] [Addison-Wesley Publishing Comp.] [1982]

PASCAL Inleiding tot gestructureerd programmeren [William Findlay, David A. Watt] [Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. - Deventer - Antwerpen] [1987]

Peter Norton's Machinetaalboek voor de IBM-PC [Peter Norton, John Socha] [Kluwer Technische Boeken B.V. / Deventer-Anwerpen] [1989]

Programmeren van de Z80 [Rodnay Zaks] [Sybex] [1982]

Programming electronic switching systems - real-time aspects and their language implications [M.T. Hills, S. Kano] [Peter Peregrinus LTD.] [1976]

IEE Telecommunications Series 3. Series Editor: Prof. J.E. Flood

Programming in Modula-2 [Niklaus Wirth] [Springer-Verlag] [1985]

Programming industrial control systems using IEC 1131-3 [R.W. Lewis] [The Institution of Electrical Engineers] [1998]

Systematisches Programmieren [Dr. phil N. Wirth] [B.G, Teubner Stuttgart] [1975]

Teubner Studienbuecher Informatik

The art of computer programming. [Donald E.Knuth] [Addison-Wesley Publishing Company] [1973/1975]

Volume 1 Fundamental Algorithms. Volume 3 Sorting and Searching.

The C programming language [Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie] [PTR Prentice Hall] [1988]

Turbo Pascal [Borland International, Inc.] [1985]

version 3.0 Reference Manual